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Love, Strength and Faith Champions

We have a fantastic team of LSF Champions whose job it is to promote our Christian values across the school. In the Academic Year 2016-2017 our LSF Champions are:- Kirsty, Maisie P, Bexs, Szabi


Our LSF Champions say,

We distribute the weekly worship reflection question, activity, quote and a synonym for our value to stretch our thinking, vocabulary and understanding of the weekly focus

We help distribute weekly awesomeness awards to children showing love, strength and faith just as Jesus taught us

We are working on improving our whole school quiet and reflection room

We share our ideas with Miss Maltby and Reverend Julie when they are planning the new collective worship value.  Next term’s is Hope.

We use the strengths God gave us and our passion for faith to share our ideas and feedback when we meet fortnightly with Mrs Slack