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We are looking for a new Caretaker to join our dedicated, creative, friendly and dynamic team. We are currently searching for;

Caretaker (Level 3)

16 hours / week (flexible hours), permanent contract. SS4

Closing date: Monday 4th September, 2017

Interview date: w/c 12th September

Are you looking for a setting where you can have a big impact across the school, and be part of a dynamic team?

If so, come and join St Mary’s Hartfield: a school with a big heart where learning with love, strength and faith are a priority. The school is a central part of this rural village based in heart of the Ashdown Forest.

We are looking for a caretaker, who can drive our rural, church school forward into an exciting new period in its history. You would be joining a forward thinking, dedicated and charismatic staff that enjoys great camaraderie and a strong team dynamic.


Job Description

JOB TITLE: Caretaker Level 3


GRADE: East Sussex Single Status Grade 4




MAIN PURPOSE OF THE JOB: To provide an effective caretaking service, to supervise Assistant Caretaker(s) and/or cleaning staff and to inspect and record standards of cleaning and grounds.




  1. Inspect, monitor and record building cleaning standards and cleaners’/contractors’ performance in accordance with the County Building Cleaning specification. (Liaise with Contractors’ Cleaning Supervisor on standards and provide access to Cleaning Contractor’s staff, within approved times.)
  1. Be responsible for ensuring the routine and emergency opening and closing of school premises and grounds. Where possible, ensure access in the event of snow, flooding or other emergency situations.
  1. Carry out security procedures for school buildings and grounds in accordance with East Sussex County Council policy.
  1. Contact direct the appropriate services in the event of the following emergencies: fire; flood; break-in; vandalism; accident.
  1. Carry out necessary duties where alarm systems are installed.
  1. Assist with enquiries from officers and employees of the LEA, workmen and contractors, and report their presence to the headteacher/nominated officer. Direct workmen and contractors to the site of repair and maintenance work. Inspect, monitor and record work performance.
  1. Take suitable measures as he/she deems necessary to ensure the protection of the school.
  1. Notify the headteacher/nominated officer and contractors, where appropriate, of the necessity for any repairs or maintenance.
  1. Carry out non-specialist building maintenance work, e.g. plumbing, glazing, carpentry, decorating etc., where such work is agreed as being within the reasonable capacity of normal handyperson/DIY Skills with strict adherence to Health and Safety regulations.
  1. To maintain swimming pool, where appropriate
  1. To read meters and record as required, including assistance with energy conservation procedures.
  1. Clean outside hard areas three times per week, eg playground, paths and entrances, collect all litter, empty and collect litter from outside bins and convey to nominated collection or disposal point. Clean gullies and drains at surface level.
  1. Operate Heating and hot water supply plant in accordance with County Instructions and carry out frost precaution procedures.
  1. Take out of use caretaking and cleaning equipment known to be faulty and report the need for repair.
  1. Remove all refuse internally collected from within the school and convey to nominated collection point for incineration or collection by refuse contractor.
  1. Accept deliveries of stores, materials and other goods and convey to appropriate storage areas.
  1. Maintain adequate supplies of caretaking requirements and cleaning materials and keep records.
  1. Move furniture and equipment as required. (There is no provision for this task to include the wholesale replacement and removal of chairs on a daily basis).
  1. Carry out cleaning in specified areas as allocated by the school, including emergency cleaning as required i.e. as a result of an accident, sickness, vandalism. May be required to clean critical areas e.g. toilets.
  1. During school closure periods undertake floor treatment work i.e. preparation, application of polishes and seals and carpet shampooing, based on consultations between caretakers/nominated officers and Area Supervisor. Inspect and maintain certain school equipment, effect minor repairs and report defects.
  1. Replenish consumables items i.e soap, towels, toilet paper etc as required throughout the school.
  1. Supervise, direct and train site supervisor and cleaners.
  1. Replace light source. Clean accessible light fittings, shades and diffusers and replace where necessary and where fittings are 3.5 metres or less from ground level.
  1. Monitor fuel levels, ordering fresh supplies as necessary and keeping records.
  1. Ensure that all medical waste is sealed and placed ready for collection.
  1. Empty Sanitary Disposal Units/Incinerators.
  1. To carry out the above duties in accordance with the Children’s Services Department’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Please note the school office will be closed until the beginning of September.

St Mary’s School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff to share this commitment. Successful candidates will be subject to DBS and reference checks.

All school based staff have the responsibility for promoting the safeguarding and welfare of children. All school staff should be aware of the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and work in accordance with this document at all times.

This job description sets out the duties of the post at the time when it was drawn up. Such duties may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed. Such variations are a common occurrence and cannot of themselves justify a reconsideration of the grading of the post.


Person Specification


Post Title: Caretaker 3

Location: Countywide

Grade: Single Status 4


  Essential Criteria Desirable Criteria Method of Assessment/

Source of Information

Key Skills & Abilities


  • Ability to undertake a range of caretaking and cleaning duties
  • Ability to identify work priorities and manage own workload, whilst ensuring that lower priority work is kept up to date
  • Ability to act on own initiative, dealing with any unexpected problems that arise
  • Ability to demonstrate good inter-personal skills to communicate with a range of people
  • Ability to provide high quality supervision, training and support to Assistant Caretaker and/or cleaning staff
  • Ability to inspect and record the work of others
  • Ability to work effectively and supportively as a member of the school team
  • Ability to demonstrate commitment to Equal Opportunities


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Education &



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  • An understanding of the main Health & Safety Regulations, including COSHH and risk assessment, and how they apply in a school environment
  • A sound knowledge of the building cleaning standards contained in the County Building Cleaning specification
  • A knowledge of procedures associated with the recruitment, supervision and training of other employees


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  • Experience of carrying out specialist building maintenance work, within the reasonable capacity of a normal handyperson
  • Experience of keeping work records


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Personal Attributes


  • Willingness to participate in further training and development opportunities offered by the school and county, to further knowledge
  • Willingness to maintain confidentiality on all school matters


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Date (drawn up): November 2009

Reference of Officer(s) drawing up person specifications: JM




Health & Safety Functions

This section is to make you aware of any health & safety related functions you may be expected to either perform or to which may be exposed in relation to the post you applying for. This information will help you if successful in your application identify any health related condition which may impact on your ability to perform the job role, enabling us to support you in your employment by way of reasonable adjustments or workplace support.

Using display screen equipment X
Working with children/vulnerable adults
Moving & handling operations
Occupational Driving
Lone Working
Working at height
Shift / night work
Working with hazardous substances
Using power tools
Exposure to noise and /or vibration
Food handling
Exposure to blood /body fluids