Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Tuesday 5th February was Chinese New Year, so as part of their topic ‘Where in the world are we?’, Willow class spent the day exploring this important Chinese festival.

The class spent the morning rotating around 4 different activities. These included having great fun following a recipe to make Dim Sum (steamed buns) using lots of exotic ingredients! They had a go at writing their name in Mandarin and if this wasn’t enough, undertaking addition sums also in Mandarin! The children also had an opportunity to explore a variety of texts to find out as much as they could about Chinese New Year and why it is important to Chinese people. Before the morning was out it was time to cook the Dim Sum in a bamboo steamer – it smelt amazing! Once cooked the children enjoyed tasting the Dim Sum along with prawn crackers.

In the afternoon Willow classroom was unrecognisable as it became submerged/enveloped in cardboard, fabric, paper plates and huge amounts of orange and red paint. The task – to create a Chinese dragon. The children spent the whole afternoon painting, cutting, sticking and stapling to create this 3-D creature – they had a great time! The teachers were so proud of the children’s collaboration, resilience, and determination to develop the dragon. It was a great example of team work.

Whole School Orienteering Day

Whole School Orienteering Day

On Monday 28th January, Mr D organised a fantastic day of orienteering to help the children put into practice the skills that some of them have been learning in P.E. this term.

Mr D had arranged a ‘shop’ full of items that the children would need to build a den – such as tarpaulins, tent pegs, bamboo canes etc, adult assistance etc! In order to get these items, the children had to work in teams to ‘buy’ them, finding items around the field to exchange for the things they wanted. Mr D had placed cones out in the field and, to get a patch of land to build their den on, the groups had to find a ‘golden ticket’! Once all the teams had an area of land, if another team trespassed onto their land, there was a forfeit to be paid!

In the morning, Lilac and Maple braved the cold and spent the morning working in teams up on The Croft. The Year 6 were wonderful helpers to their buddy in Maple and their dens were pretty impressive! In the afternoon, it was Cherry and Willow’s turn. It was so great to see children across the school working alongside children in other classes and being such brilliant team mates to each other.

We are so lucky to have Mr D as our P.E. teacher and we are so grateful to the work he put into making this event so much fun. Thank you, Mr D!

We’ve Grown Leeks

We’ve Grown Leeks

This week, the outdoor club did some weeding and winter tidying in their vegetable plot. They dug out a huge dandelion and thistle and also some lovely leeks and red cabbages!

It is great to see and smell the plants you have grown – well done!

Maple Class Bike & Scooter Week

Maple Class Bike & Scooter Week

This week all of the children brought in bikes and scooters as part of our ‘Off We Go!’ topic.

The children talked about how to be safe when they are riding, by looking out for others and wearing their helmets.

They made ‘START’ ‘STOP’ and ‘PARKING’ signs in chalk on the playground floor and then made ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ signs to direct each other with later.

The children have uses the ipad to time each other on their bikes and recorded how many laps of the playground the children could ride in one minute.

Maple Classes Year 6 Buddies came to spend time with the children and their bikes. They spent time using the signs they had made and then organised a fantastic bike race!

It has been brilliantly fun to watch the children enthusiastically learning with their wheels! Two children have learned to ride their bikes on their own without stabilisers this week already! Well done Maple Class!

Outdoor Club

Outdoor Club

The Children at St Mary’s Outdoor Club have written letters to the Hartfield & District Horticultural Society.

The children discussed what they would like to do next year and what tools and resources would help them.

These included secateurs to tend to the Willow structure we have at school and some trugs to help us transport and move compost.

The children researched tools on the internet and worked out the costs of the tools they had found. The children then wrote letters to the Horticultural society and illustrated them, which we then sent off in the post.

The children’s requests were discussed and we are very excited that we have been awarded £150!

We will let you know how we are using the new tools and resources as the Year goes on. A huge thank you to our volunteer Mrs Johnson, for her help every week and to Alan Morris at Hartfield Horticultural Society.

We look forward to an exciting Spring Term and Beyond!

Christmas Party in the Church

Christmas Party in the Church

Katrina organised a party at the church as a celebration of Jesus birthday. The children talked about what you need for a celebration.

 “a cake”. – Jacob

“decorations…. you have some there and there is a sign” –Isabella

“There are balloons, they are for a party”- Emily

The children helped telling the Nativity story. They discussed the long journey and how Joseph helped Mary. They then sang some songs with actions about the star

“The star is like a diamond in the sky”. -Isabella

Then the children pretended to be the animals in the story which they had acted in the Nativity play. Then they all had a party blower and a hat to have a celebration in the classroom afterwards.

We would like to say a huge Thank you to Katrina for our party and all of the fantastic learning activities she has provided over the years with Maple Class.