PTFA Crazy Golf at Hartfield Village Fete

PTFA Crazy Golf at Hartfield Village Fete

This year at the Hartfield Horticultural Show and Village Fete, the PTFA will be running a Crazy Golf game for all the family.

Tickets are just £1 each and there are prizes to be won for Hole-in-ones and a leaderboard for the day where you can win Prosecco.

Come along and see if you can beat Trip-trap Bridge, Bridge of Sighs and ten other exciting hole challenges!

“We designed the Windmill to be one of the most challenging holes on the course.”

(over competitive Dad)

The 12 hole “crazy” course includes (in hole order):

“Holey Moley!”, “Shouty Man!”, “Bridge of Sighs!”, “Room on the Broom”, “Loop the Loop!”, “Devil of a hole!” (pictured), “The FORTRESS!”, “Who’s been “Trip-trap”ing over my Bridge?!”, “THE WINDMILL!”, “Spiders Web”, “Pinball”, and finally “The VORTEX!!!”

Who could resist the fantastic value that will help raise funds through the Hartfield Fete for extra kit and resources for our fantastic Primary School!


“Don’t forget there is a Leaderboard for the day. The winner with the lowest puts to complete the course will win a bottle of Prosecco!.”

(the other competitive Dad)

Greek day at Chiddingly

Greek day at Chiddingly

On Monday 24th June, Willow class dressed up and took their learning about Greeks over to Chiddingly School to share a whole day of ‘Hands on History’ with their Federation counterparts! In mixed school groups, the children rotated around three brilliant activities which gave them the opportunity to show off what they already knew, and build on their understanding of how the Ancient Greeks lived.

It’s safe to say that the shield and sword activity outside was a firm favourite – although not so much for the adults who got chased around by an angry mob of Spartan warriors! The children also got the chance to see some artefacts up close and thought carefully about what they were used for. The final activity involved comparing Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and trying out some Ancient Greek writing. They also spent some time learning about life at home and the Ancient Greek’s rather ‘original’ approach to medicine!

It was so lovely to have all three schools together with the staff and parent helpers sometimes finding it difficult to know which child was from which school as they all mixed together so well!

A huge thank you to our parent helpers and to all the parents for their efforts in the costumes; the children looked so fantastic and it really added to our day!

We would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to the PTFA who have given each class some money to spend over the year: Willow used their class pot to pay ‘Hands on History’ to come in and work with us. They were excellent and it really made a difference to the children to be able to have first-hand experiences of Ancient Greek life!

Singing Nation

Singing Nation

On Friday 21st June, thanks to the PTFA and your generous donations over the last year, we had a whole school workshop with Singing Nation. From 9 o’clock and throughout the day, the school was filled with beautiful singing as the children learnt not one, but two songs! Emma and Nathan taught the children ‘Speechless’ (from the new Aladdin film) and ‘Champion’ which involved the older children wowing us with a rap! These songs linked in brilliantly with our School vision of having Love, Strength and Faith and our learning power of ‘Persevering Parrot’ and never giving up.

At the end of the afternoon, the children showed off their new skills to the parents who joined us for our end of the week celebration assembly. It was so lovely to see the children singing so passionately and having clearly enjoyed a really great day. The staff were amazed the children managed to learn so many words in just a few short hours and are looking forward to seeing these new memory skills transfer into their work in the classroom…!

Again, a huge thank you to the PTFA for fundraising for these music workshops – they have been absolutely fantastic. We have African Drumming coming in next week so keep an eye out for photos of this!

Maple Class Forest School

Maple Class Forest School

The children started their afternoon by looking out for and collecting rubbish, using a new grabber. By the end of the afternoon they had a whole bag full and talked about how different materials such as metal and glass could be recycled.

The whole class fitted in a puddle on the croft.

There were some great puddles along the way!

The children looked at different shaped flower petals along the way, talking about the heart shaped wild rose petals.

We counted 16 heads of elderflower which we can make into elderflower cordial

The children measured themselves against the grass in the meadow. All of them were proudly taller than the grass!

As always, listening for the troll under the bridge was fun!

As always the slack line was brilliant!

The children dug up some bluebell bulbs and crushed them to make glue. They then tested it by sticking leaves onto the tree trunks.

Thanks to the ptfa for funding some of our new Forest School equipment… the children already love the new trowels, wheelbarrow and litter picker!

Maple Class Pirate Day

Maple Class Pirate Day

Today the class was taken over by a band of pirates!

We played some Pirate games and learned how to follow instructions from the captain of the ship, running from port to starboard, scrubbing the decks and saving each other from being a ‘pirate overboard!’

The crew demonstrated their skills with an over and under game to load the cannons and then they set sail on the ‘Jolly Mary’ pirate ship.

There were sharks in the sea, so the crew sent rescue messages in a bottle to ask for help.

In the afternoon, the children worked together to play pin the eyepatch on the pirate and made a fantastic Jolly Roger flag pole.

The pirates counted and weighed their treasure. What a great day of adventures! And a fantastic crew.

Outdoor Club

Outdoor Club

We started a wild challenge, which is about doing 30 days of wild activities.

We took off our shoes and socks to feel the ground beneath our feet. We looked at clouds and talked about what we could see. We hunted for mini-beasts and we had a go at making daisy chains. We will try more activities next week.

We also looked at our new tools which the PTFA have bought for Forest School. We tied coloured string on some tools, so if we drop them in the woods, they should be easier to find!