Whole School Forest School December 13th 2018

Whole School Forest School December 13th 2018

The children have worked so hard this term and have performed brilliantly at both of their Nativity performances, that we decided to all go to the woods as a whole school adventure.

The sun shone, the frost was still crunching underfoot and we had a fantastic time in the woods.

We made a much needed fire, built some dens, made up our own games, swung really high on the rope swings, explored the river, made lotions and potions from the clay and rotten logs to name but a few things.

We ended with a large circle, after moving some of the logs outwards and sang some Christmas songs and had a reprise of our stunning SUPERSTAR favourite songs-Then Mrs Taylor jumped the fire as part of her moving on next year and we wished her well.

A huge thanks to our volunteers as always, stepping in and supporting the children to have outdoor learning opportunities- THANK YOU!

Maple Class Forest School

The sun shone and we talked about the difference in the weather from yesterday’s rain, when we got soaked walking to church. We talked about how the size of the puddle on the school drive changes when it rains and when the sun comes out.

The children explained about how to stay safe when crossing the road, by holding hands in pairs, stopping, looking and listening and staying in a line.

We looked at plants and tracks along the way, talking about the colours, textures and trying to identify them.

Before we left we read a story about hedgehogs and the children learned that they can make nests, eat insects and climb walls. They pretended to be hedgehogs on the journey and through their exploring in the woods.

We sang and tapped sticks to repeated rhythms and then the children used them to make the letters we had learned this week- X,Y,V and W. They then rolled the logs to look for hedgehog food and found worms and slugs.

Some children used the clay and teasels to create their own hedgehogs, then build nests for them out of sticks and leaves. Others worked together to develop the den out of large sticks.

Willow Class Forest School

Willow Class Forest School

The Children loved explaining the walk to Forest School to Miss Hare and Miss Williams. They spent time noticing the changes that Autumn had brought to the environment.

Once in the woods some children wanted to explore by using the tools to dig and investigate what they found in the earth.

We read the story of ‘Leaf Man’ and inspired, some children collected lots of fallen leaves along the way. Once in the woods we melted beeswax and dipped the leaves into it, which preserves them. The children brought the leaves back to the classroom to use.

Miss Hare enjoyed building stick houses with some of the children.

Cherry Class Forest School

Cherry Class Forest School

We walked to the woods in the Autumn sunshine and stopped to collect some wheat which the children found along the way.

Once in the woods, the children made potions, mixing the wheat, leaves, mud, moss and water together.

The children have been learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ all Term as their learning journey. They all made Tudor houses as part of their homework, which we took to the woods to have a go at seeing how the great fire spread.

The children had a go at using flint and steels to light small fires in steels, which they then transferred to their Tudor houses.

The children sand ‘London’s burning’ as a round, using sticks to tap along to the rhythm of the song.

The children tested the wind direction and speed by dropping leaves and seeing where they drifted to. They explained that this was how the fire spread.

Once the buildings had burnt to the ground, the children used what they knew about how to put out fires, by using water to carefully cool the ashes.

What a fantastic afternoon, really well done to Cherry class for being so enthusiastic and involved in their learning. And a huge thank you to the volunteers for their help with the day!

Maple Class Forest School

It was our first trip to the woods and we were fantastic at getting ourselves ready and dressed in our waterproofs.

We held hands around the tree to try to measure how large the trunk was. We all fitted round it and then looked at how tall it was and wondered if we could climb to the top.

We looked at the acorns under the large Oak tree on the school drive.

The children felt the bark of the Wellingtonia tree on the town croft. “It feels all squishy!” “Yeah and a bit soft….why is it soft?”” The leaves are really spikey”.

We journeyed along the railway line, finding insects, plants, bridges, gates, stiles and even a troll!

Once in the woods we had a chance for a quick snack.

We had time to explore the woods, hiding in den’s, swinging and balancing on the slack lines and hammocks.

Thank you to our fantastic volunteers for coming and helping the children and enjoying the outdoor space with us. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!