Lilac and Maple Class Buddy Time Forest School

This week it was extremely windy, so we decided to adventure through the fields, rather than the woods. Maple Class had been reading the story of ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’, so had a great time saying lines of the story as we squelched through mud and splashed in puddles. We stopped in the meadow to play a great game of ‘Giants, Wizards, Elves’ and then crossed the river Medway and had a quick game of ‘Pooh sticks’ as we crossed. The children were fantastic at supporting Maple class as we climbed multiple styles and gates, Some children braved the mud and went under the gates! We had time to stop for a drink and a few parachute games, where we sang and made a shelter with the parachute. Miss Banks puppy Poppy came along for the adventure and she was fantastic and friendly with the children, and a great stick carrier! We skirted the woods and saw a tree fall as we passed, then saw a pair of Doves at the farm before the end of the day. Thanks as always to our volunteers, and to all of the children who worked so well together supporting each other on the walk.

Willow Class Forest School

Willow Class Forest School

This week, it was Willow class’ turn to go into the forest. With the promise of sunshine in the afternoon, we braved the initial showers and made it to the forest without getting too soaked. That is, with the exception of Hope and Ashleigh who were pouring out their wellies after they got a little too excited in the streams!

The Woodland Trust had kindly donated some trees to us so, with some help from Mrs Johnston, Millie, Kishi and Phoebe spent some time planting these around the forest.

It wouldn’t have been right to have spent the last two weeks learning about cocoa without a little chocolatey treat during forest school! Thank you to Mrs Vasey at Faitrade Lingfield and Dormansland, we all had some Fairtrade hot chocolate which definitely warmed us up!

Thank you, Willow class and to our super parent helpers, for a really lovely afternoon!

Cherry Class Forest School

Cherry Class Forest School

It started to rain as we set out, but we managed to have a great afternoon anyway!

We talked about the points of a compass and identified features of the village which were to our North, South, East, and West. We looked a maps of our journey and then worked out that we needed to head west, to get to the woods. There were some lively horses in the filed over the style, so we stuck together and calmly walked past them.

There were lots of hazel and willow catkins hanging from the trees. Some of the children had a great time collecting them to make potions with in the woods.

We listened to the whistling call of the Great Tit along the way.

As part of Fair Trade Fortnight, we drank some delicious hot chocolate when we arrived in the woods.

The children made time for climbing, making up their own lasso game, swinging and we finished the day with a woodland whisper. The children have to stay silent and pass a whisper along the line to the end….this is quite a challenge with 30 children, but it allows them to have a moment of quiet and listen to each other and the sounds of the woods before they leave.

Thank you to our volunteers for making this learning experience possible for the children.

Maple Class Forest School

Maple Class Forest School

The sun shone and we spotted spring crocuses with honey bees and talked about them finding nectar to make honey from.

We sung a song of spring:

‘Spring is here said the bumblebee,
How do you know said the old oak tree?
Because I saw a daffodil,
Dancing with the fairies on the windy hill.’

We climbed the style, squelched in mud, looked at shapes in the boot prints, talked about how full the stream was getting and spotted a spring celandine flower.


After a quick climb on the gate, we talked about it being made of metal and how it felt cold today.

The wind had blown the shelter down during the last week, so the children worked as a team to haul on the ropes to reconstruct it.

Thanks again to our fantastic volunteer and the children.

Mrs Sanders.

The children spotted their shadows and made some letters using their arms, hands and fingers.

We had a snack on the bridge and counted two pairs of cyclists. We had an apple core and egg throwing challenge, talking about distance and height thrown!

The children found tapping sticks in the woods and had a drink of hot squash.

There was enough time for a quick climb, swing and chop of the log and mix in the clay before the end of the day.

Maple Class Forest School January 17th 2019

Maple Class Forest School January 17th 2019

It was a freezing day, but we wrapped up really warm, with hats and gloves and set off to look for birds along the way to the woods. Some children collected soft items, such as moss, grass or sticks to build a nest for the birds.

The children looked at RSPB ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ identification sheets to help them talk about and identify birds. We saw lots of pigeons, some blackbirds and some crows. We heard pheasants in the woods.

We talked about how the rain has made the fields really muddy. We had fun squelching in it and jumping in muddy puddles.

We learned the call of a Green Woodpecker, spotted Woodpecker, Blackbird and listening to our toy birds.

Once we got to the woods, we had some hot drinks, swung on the hammocks, used wooden axes to chop a rotten log, and were silent for a woodland whisper, which we managed to send from one end of the Maple Class line, all the way to the other. What great teamwork and listening skills Maple Class!


Whole School Forest School December 13th 2018

Whole School Forest School December 13th 2018

The children have worked so hard this term and have performed brilliantly at both of their Nativity performances, that we decided to all go to the woods as a whole school adventure.

The sun shone, the frost was still crunching underfoot and we had a fantastic time in the woods.

We made a much needed fire, built some dens, made up our own games, swung really high on the rope swings, explored the river, made lotions and potions from the clay and rotten logs to name but a few things.

We ended with a large circle, after moving some of the logs outwards and sang some Christmas songs and had a reprise of our stunning SUPERSTAR favourite songs-Then Mrs Taylor jumped the fire as part of her moving on next year and we wished her well.

A huge thanks to our volunteers as always, stepping in and supporting the children to have outdoor learning opportunities- THANK YOU!