Maple Class Forest School

Maple Class Forest School

The clouds looked ominous, but Maple Class headed out in their wellies and waterproofs ready to adventure and look for mini beasts on the walk and in the woods

Splashing in puddles is great fun!

There were some great puddles along the way!

The children spotted some bugs…look at the size of that slug!

Thanks to the ptfa, we have a new slack line to balance on!

The rain came down, so the children used the shelter that was in the woods.

The children spent a while making den’s together and talking about how long their sticks were.

The bluebells are out and the children talked about the ‘blue carpet’ everywhere  “it is like a big blue sea of flowers”

Thanks again to our fantastic volunteers, the ptfa for their slack line donation and the children for their enthusiasm and engagement.

Mrs Sanders.

Willow Class Forest School

Willow Class Forest School

Willow had a fantastic time in the forest on Thursday and, except for a few spots of rain on the walk down there, stayed dry and toasty around the fire! On the walk we were keeping our eyes our for bluebells which are out in force and looking really beautiful.
Thanks to the wonderful PFTA buying a new slackline, Willow were the first class to test it out and were pretty successful at it, too!
A few of the girls wanted to make some clay to recreate some greek pots that they had been learning about in history. We loosened up some clay that the badger had kindly dug up for us, added water and had a super time getting very messy! Not many sculptures were left as the girls had far too much fun squishing it around in their hands but it was great to see them getting stuck into an activity with such enthusiasm!

Some of the other children had a go at making a fire and showed real resilience when it came to using the flints and steels and their hard work paid off with a lovely warm fire.

Well done, Willow Class, for using your great imaginations and team work to create such a lovely atmosphere at Forest School.

Cherry Class Forest School

Cherry Class Forest School

As part of ‘The Great British Spring Clean’, Cherry class donned gloves and spread out in a long line to do a litter sweep of the croft. It turns out they are fantastic at noticing small bits of rubbish and they managed to fill two bags full. Fantastic work Cherry class.

They had a go at arranging themselves into 20 and 7 to explain the partitioning they had learned in maths this week.

As part of their topic work, Cherry Class have been learning about different animals on the Savannah. They explained about wildebeests and cheetahs, and then played a game, where they took on the characters of the animals,

The children explained about some of the poems they have been trying to write and so they joined in with the rhyming words of the story ‘The Ugly Five’ and were fantastic at remembering the lines and details of the story. We had a quick go at trying to spot any animal shapes in the clouds above us.

We had a quick go at Pooh sticks at the river Medway, with carefully selected sticks, before returning to school.

Maple Class Forest School

Maple Class Forest School

In the morning, we had a go at using a saw to cut logs to make ‘ Dino Log Dogs’ The children talked about how to keep themselves safe by wearing gloves to protect their hands. They used their imaginations to create dinosaur faces for their logs and had a go at tying string to the logs to make a lead. At school they made up stories and played with their dinosaurs in the morning.

In the afternoon we took them for a walk to the woods!

The children played some ‘you are only safe if you are touching…’ games and all learned about how to recognise silver birch trees and celandines.

We had a go at estimating the height of a tree, by counting our steps away from a tree and looking at it between our legs….thats Forest School triganometry that is! We spotted some fallen trees and discovered one tree was rotten in the middle, by feeloing the difference between hard and soft wood.

When we got to the woods we had time for a quick swing together and found some ivy and feathers.

Lilac and Maple Class Buddy Time Forest School

This week it was extremely windy, so we decided to adventure through the fields, rather than the woods. Maple Class had been reading the story of ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’, so had a great time saying lines of the story as we squelched through mud and splashed in puddles. We stopped in the meadow to play a great game of ‘Giants, Wizards, Elves’ and then crossed the river Medway and had a quick game of ‘Pooh sticks’ as we crossed. The children were fantastic at supporting Maple class as we climbed multiple styles and gates, Some children braved the mud and went under the gates! We had time to stop for a drink and a few parachute games, where we sang and made a shelter with the parachute. Miss Banks puppy Poppy came along for the adventure and she was fantastic and friendly with the children, and a great stick carrier! We skirted the woods and saw a tree fall as we passed, then saw a pair of Doves at the farm before the end of the day. Thanks as always to our volunteers, and to all of the children who worked so well together supporting each other on the walk.

Willow Class Forest School

Willow Class Forest School

This week, it was Willow class’ turn to go into the forest. With the promise of sunshine in the afternoon, we braved the initial showers and made it to the forest without getting too soaked. That is, with the exception of Hope and Ashleigh who were pouring out their wellies after they got a little too excited in the streams!

The Woodland Trust had kindly donated some trees to us so, with some help from Mrs Johnston, Millie, Kishi and Phoebe spent some time planting these around the forest.

It wouldn’t have been right to have spent the last two weeks learning about cocoa without a little chocolatey treat during forest school! Thank you to Mrs Vasey at Faitrade Lingfield and Dormansland, we all had some Fairtrade hot chocolate which definitely warmed us up!

Thank you, Willow class and to our super parent helpers, for a really lovely afternoon!