General Information

Our exciting, broad and balanced curriculum is developed through a 2 year cycle for each cohort.
Each term has a focussed cross curricular topic, lasting 5-7 weeks.

Before each topic begins, teachers find out what pupils already know and what they would like to find out about. Teachers use this information to influence their planning of the topics. Each topic ends with a post assessment to find out what new knowledge pupils have now gained.

Each curriculum map is divided into 3 sections.

Intent– defining the topic overview and sequence of subjects.

Implementation – listing the National Curriculum skills and planning linked to topics.

Impact– explaining the outcomes in knowledge gained from the topic.

Within the curriculum maps the Maths and Literacy units of work are also sequenced and the wide ranging Literacy texts are listed.

The planned trips linked to the topics are also represented in the curriculum maps.

We also timetable ‘Enrichment Days’, ‘Forest School’ and ‘Bespoke Curriculum Events’ to further enrich our curriculum and enable us to cater for current global affairs and issues. See weekly newsletters and the ‘Curriculum Events’ and ‘Forest School’ tabs on the websites for evidence of these curriculum events.