You may have heard your children talking about some wonderful characters recently... Curious Cat, Concentrating Crocodile or even Persevering Parrot. These are our Learning Power characters who have been created over the last year to help the children with their learning. Because at St.Mary's we want our children to become good learners so that they can develop skills they can apply to learning for the rest of their lives; to be curious, to persevere, to concentrate, to be brave, to learn from their mistakes. All of these skills help them shape into great learners. So this term the children are being introduced to the characters one by one and are all helping each other look out for them in their learning. Its been great! On Fridays in celebration assembly we are then celebrate children's use of these skills as we present a member of each class with their 'Learning Powers' certificate.

Daring Dolphins take that extra leap in their learning

Linking Lemurs look for links and connections in knowledge and learning

Ingenious Insects look at things in different ways to solve problems

Brave Bees use their mistakes to learn and find new ways to have a go

Curious Cats are deep thinkers who explore, investigate and ask good questions

Persevering Parrots keep trying no matter how hard the task seems

Concentrating Crocodiles keep focused on the task at hand